Key guards improve access to the keypad on the VoicePal Levels. They reduce false positives, as well as help targeting by providing tactile feedback when "hunting" for a given key. These key guards are made of durable Lexan material. They are designed specifically for the VoicePal Levels, and greatly aid in targeting the VoicePal Levels Levels on-board keypad. The Key Guard is available in four configurations to match the four keypad configurations available on the VoicePal Levels, 2-keys, 3-keys, 5-keys & 10-keys.

Key Guards

PriceFrom $20.00
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  • 2-Position Guard: KG-2
    3-Position Guard: KG-3
    5-Position Guard: KG-5
    10-Position Guard: KG-10
    Set of all 4 Keyguards: KG-S