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************** OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2023 **************


by Lite-Tech Communications


Introducing PicSeePal, the world’s first AAC housing that is lightweight, portable, customizable, splash-proof, modular and easy to use, for all ages, abilities and locations. With PicSeePal, you will never need to laminate again. Simply print out your visuals, AAC core boards, or snapshots from an existing AAC system and pop them into our SNAPS, then insert into the frame! Save with the PicSeePal combo. The PicSeePal combo includes:


  • PicSeePal
  • 3 PicSeeSnaps
  • Shoulder strap
  • Printed Visual Supports Starter Pack
  • 5 Additional PicSeeSnaps
  • Access to free templates


PicSeePal is a wonderful backup to any high-tech system. It can be used when the AAC device is not charged, broken or when needed near water. It can be used by parents, teachers and paraprofessionals for modeling throughout the day in any environment.

For emerging communicators and in Pre-K classrooms, PicSeePal can be used to trial light-tech AAC as part of the RTI process or while waiting for an AAC assessment or device funding. It works great as an accessory for Project Core and for whole-class implementation.


PriceFrom $120.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • PSP-C

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