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by Dr. Therese Willkomm. Dr. Willkomm - the "MacGuiver of AT" - has done it again. This book is about the joy of creating and making thousands of different assistive technology solutions to maximize independence at home, workplace, school, and communities for individuals who experience various limitations. "It is the most comprehensive Assistive Technology (AT) Makers book I’ve ever written." It is filled with over 1500 images including over 500 QR codes for instant access to short YouTube videos and resources showing how to make the various AT devices. The first chapter focuses on tools, materials, and techniques for the rapid fabrication of assistive technology solutions using low-cost/no-cost materials; the last chapter provides QR Code access to the tools, materials and resources described throughout the book. The chapters in between focus on the solutions and devices or modifications for smartphones, iPads; mobility impairments; self-care; eating and drinking; reading and writing; reaching and holding; communicating; solutions for blind and low vision; and assistive technology ideas for leisure and play.

Spiral bound. 223 pages.

Assistive Technologiy Solutions in Minutes Book III

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