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Swifty™ is a speedy USB switch interface in an extremely compact design. Working with up to two wired switches, or three wireless through Beam™ this pint-sized powerhouse can output mouse clicks, joystick buttons or keyboard characters.

Swifty accepts industry standard 1/8" (3.5-mm), stereo or mono plugs for directly connecting up to two adaptive switches and Swifty is powered from the USB host so no external power is required. Swifty utilizes standard USB Human Interface Device (HID) drivers and works with PC, Mac and Linux computers and many AAC devices. Please note, this device is not returnable.

Use the "Media Mode" on the LinkSwitch to activate a Digital Book Player from your state’s Braille and Talking Book services. With the LinkSwitch connected to the player through a Swifty, the activation of a single switch turns the digital book player on for an adjustable amount of time. The player then turns off, requiring the user to activate the switch again to continue to listen to the recording.

Product Number: OSWF

Swifty™ USB switch interface by Origin

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Extremely low latency
    • Extremely Low Power
    • 3.5-mm (1/8-inch ) stereo jack
    • Automatically detects stereo and mono plugs
    • Up to 3-Inputs with Beam™
    • Wireless input with Beam™
    • Mouse button, joystick button and keyboard emulation
    • Full speed USB device
    • USB powered
    • Uses standard USB HID drivers
    • Supports USB Remote Wakeup
    • Weighs ½-ounce (14-grams)
    • 2- by 0.8- by 0.5-inches (51- by 20- by 13-mm)
    • Works with Windows, Mac OS and Linux
    • 1-year limited warranty
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