Adaptivation's Tangible Object Cards come standard with blank credit card-size Symbol Cards to which you can attach your own symbols to represent the vocabulary for a given card. For an additional fee, you can specify that the Symbol Cards come with SymbolStix© symbols.

If you would like to order additional Symbol Cards, you may do so by selecting from the pull down menu below. Choose from color or high-contrast Black and White. Dimensions: 2" x 3.5"

SymbolStix Picture Cues- for Tangible Object Cards

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  • Color Symbol Cards
    TOC-SYM-CORE-SS (20 CORE symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-C-SS (5 Community symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-FF-SS (5 Fast Food symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-FW-SS (5 Function Words symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-L-SS (5 Leisure symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-S1-SS (5 School 1 symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-S2-SS (5 School 2 symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-W-SS (5 Wellness symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-50-SS (50 cards, all of the above cards - not FW cards)

    TOC-SYM-FW1-SS (5 Function Words symbol cards)


    Black & White Symbol Cards
    TOC-SYM-CORE-BW (20 CORE symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-C-BW (5 Community symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-FF-BW (5 Fast Food symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-FW-BW (5 Function Words symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-L-BW (5 Leisure symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-S1-BW (5 School 1 symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-S2-BW (5 School 2 symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-W-BW (5 Wellness symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-50-BW (50 cards, all of the above cards - not FW cards)

    TOC-SYM-FW1-BW (5 Function Words symbol cards)


    Blank Cards
    TOC-SYM-BNK-20 (20 blank symbol cards)
    TOC-SYM-BNK-50 (50 blank symbol cards)