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Taction Pads are clear, adhesive-backed plastic switches that are activated by contact with your skin. Simply peel the backing off and stick the Taction Pad on almost any object or surface. This effectively turns the object or surface into a switch.

Taction Pads are designed to function with Adaptivation-branded products. Taction Pads require a Taction Pad Adapter or LinkSwitch to operate with non-Adaptivation devices.

Save by purchasing the set of four (TPAD-S). You will receive four assorted Taction Pads (e.g. TPAD-A,A2,C,D, TPAD-A,C,C,D, TPAD-A,A,C,D, etc.)

Taction Pads

PriceFrom $19.00
Excluding Sales Tax |

  • A - 2"x4"
    A2 - 2"x4" for small fingers
    C - 1/10"x24"
    D - 3"x5"

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