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The Flexible Switch is a bendable, pressure-activated switch requiring about 2 oz of force (finger tip) to activate, whether the touch comes from directly above or at a shallow angle. The Flexible Switch has a standard plug for use with communication aids, computer switch interfaces and other devices with a standard ⅛" jack.


The Flexible Switch was not designed to be used with switch-adapted toys with motors or other high-current devices. To assure proper operation with switch-adapted toys, use the Taction Pad Adapter as an interface between the Flexible Switch and the toy. Or, consider using a PalPad instead.


Each Flexible Switch Set includes one 2 x 4 inch switch and one 3 x 5 inch switch.

Save by buying in bulk. Bulk sets are not packaged individually.



  • Product Number: FLX-SET (2 switches total)
  • Product Number: FLX-BULK5 (10 switches total)
  • Product Number: FLX-BULK10 (20 switches total)



Flexible Switch

PriceFrom $69.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • PalPad

    • Lighter touch (1.25 oz) than Flexible Switch.
    • Rigid, not flexible
    • Very durable
    • Three sizes
    • True switch like the Flexible Switch


    Taction Pad

    • Flexible like the Flexible Switch, but this is not a true pressure switch.
    • Clear with adhesive backing.
    • Works directly only with Adaptivation communication aids. Requires Taction Pad Adapter or LinkSwitch for use with other products.
    • Four sizes.
  • FLX-SET is packaged as two switches in a bag.


    Bulk packaging options are not individually packed, and require buying a minimum of either five (FLX-BULK5) or ten (FLX-BULK10) sets. 

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