Introducing the ProxPAD™ choice maker.

>> Touch or pass tags over the ProxPAD™ to play your recorded messages
>> Use tangible objects or other visual cues to initiate communication
>> Easily record your own tags, or utilize any of ProxTalker's pre-recorded symbol tags
>> Large target area for matching physical and visual access abilities
>> Incorporates many of the familiar LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device features
>> Includes a set of 50 large tags, Programming tag set,  power adapter, Peel and stick labels, Label laminate stickers

The ProxPAD pairs well with Adaptivation's Tangible Object Cards (TOC). Choose the ProxPAD by itself or bundled with either 20 (BASIC set) or 50 (all cards) TOC cards. Standard TOC cards by themselves do not work with the ProxPAD. When ordered from this page, TOC cards come with special RFID symbols that make them work with the ProxPAD.

ProxPad™ touchless communication by ProxTalker

Product Sets
  • ProxPAD Package: ProxPAD device, 50 large tags, programming tag set, power adapter, peel and stick labels, label laminate stickers.

    The BASIC TOC Set: Everything with ProxPAD Package, TOC 20-card BASIC Set, 20 pre-recorded RFID tags.

    The 'Everything' Set: Everything with ProxPAD Package, TOC 50-card Full Set, 50 pre-recorded RFID tags.


    bathroom, bed, brush teeth, clean, comb, computer, cook, dress, drink, eat, game, listen, money, outside, play, read, shop, TV, wash, work


    School 1 (TOC-S1-RFID)

    art, bus, music, PE, snack


    School 2 (TOC-S2-RFID)

    classroom, group, OT, PT, speech


    Community (TOC-C-RFID)

    church, eat out, library, sports, theater


    Fast Food (TOC-FF-RFID)

    dessert, fries, hamburger, hotdog, pizza


    Leisure (TOC-L-RFID)

    bubbles, sand, swim, swing, watering


    Wellness (TOC-W-RFID)

    Dentist, exercise, medicine, Nurse/Dr., pain


    50 Card Set (TOC-BDL-RFID)