Visual cuing with objects is essential for many individuals. This bundle with a combination of objects and simple-to-use technology accommodates multiple students with a variety of needs, and offers many possibilities (e.g., visual schedules, choice making, and object-picture transitioning).

Bundle includes 3 Lex communication aids and Tangible Object Cards

Choose your bundle of either 20 or 50 object cards. Each Tangible Object Card comes with a blank symbol card so you can customize it with your favorite communication symbols or pictures. Adaptivation also offers symbol cards with SymbolStix in full color or high-contrast Black & White.

Tangible Object Lex Bundle

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  • If you want additional SymbolStix symbol cards, you can order them separately, click here.

    Image shows optional SymbolStix symbols. Click for vocabulary topics.

  • Bundle of 20 - Blank: KIT-CS-20
    Bundle of 20 - Color: KIT-CS-20-SS
    Bundle of 20 - Black & White: KIT-CS-20-BW

    Bundle of 50 - Blank: KIT-CS-50
    Bundle of 50 - Color: KIT-CS-50-SS
    Bundle of 50 - Black & White: KIT-CS-50-BW