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Visual cuing with objects is essential for many individuals. This bundle with a combination of objects and simple-to-use technology accommodates multiple students with a variety of needs, and offers many possibilities (e.g., visual schedules, choice making, and object-picture transitioning).

Bundle includes One Lex communication aid and Tangible Object Cards (optional).

Choose your bundle of either 20, 50 or 65 object cards. Select symbol cards with SymbolStix symbols in full color, or select the no symbol card option.

Tangible Object Lex Bundle

PriceFrom $560.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • If you want additional SymbolStix symbol cards, you can order them separately, click here.

    Image shows optional SymbolStix symbols. Click for vocabulary topics.

  • Bundle of 20 - Blank: KIT-CS-20
    Bundle of 20 - Color: KIT-CS-20-SS
    Bundle of 20 - Black & White: KIT-CS-20-BW

    Bundle of 50 - Blank: KIT-CS-50
    Bundle of 50 - Color: KIT-CS-50-SS
    Bundle of 50 - Black & White: KIT-CS-50-BW

    Bundle of 65 - Blank: KIT-CS-65
    Bundle of 65 - Color: KIT-CS-65-SS
    Bundle of 65 - Black & White: KIT-CS-65-BW

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